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Pencils & Pillows is a team of American and French artists and producers who share a passion for animation and cinematic arts.

I remember the very first time I watched "The Lion King” and “Pinocchio". I was completely blown away! ‘Ice Age’ made me laugh so hard, when I saw how poor Scrat just couldn't get his nuts together. The beautiful world of "Finding Nemo" and the optimistic promise that everyone can cook from “Ratatouille" helped me to keep my inner child alive. I have always loved animation. And when I was only seven years old, I decided to dedicate my life to making cartoons. I was given an opportunity to get the right books and my first computer. And that was the beginning of my life-long journey.

I have been working professionally in the entertainment industry since I was fifteen, and I was lucky enough to meet many great and talented people on my way. I've seen so many like-minded people, who like me, dream of animation in the still of their midnight fantasies. When they wake up, they take a pencil from under a pillow, working to turn their dreams into a reality.

However, by getting a job in a production company, many artists find their dreams of making magic crushed by the reality of commercial production pipeline, time constrains, and management requesting to immediately deliver. There are very few places like Pixar left, where good stories still come first and are nourished like a child. Most other studios now have to adjust to ever-changing media consumption and growing budget limitations.

We still believe in magic. We will always put a story first. We want to tell meaningful and inspirational stories. And if you share our passion - please join us. We will find the right tools to help you make your artistic dreams come true!

Sincerely Yours,
Michael Dudko


grants & opportunities

We know how hard it is to write a script. And we know that developing a story for an animation project is even harder. It requires time, money and most importantly a talented team.


Our motto: Leave no talent behind.

Pencils & Pillows is teaming up with leading art schools of Los Angeles and Paris in order to help upcoming animation artists to follow their dreams.

Tell us why you want to learn the craft of animation!

art events

Animation Artists Opportunity Event

18 June 2016
1540 Vine Street, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA 90028, United States

We are going to host our next “Animation Artists Opportunity Event” on June 18th, 2016!

Pencils & Pillows will giveaway scholarships to a number of talented prospect students, and will be happy to host animation artists who are seeking to meet new friends in a relaxing environment, enjoy some complementary bites and possibly pitch us their ideas.

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